PITTSBURGH, PA — The Pittsburgh-based private equity firm of Standish Capital announces the change of its name to “3 Rivers Capital, LLC” effective January 1, 2009. Coinciding with the name change, the firm will launch its new website: www.3riverscap.com.


Founded in 2005, 3 Rivers Capital (formerly “Standish”) will continue to focus on its core investment disciplines; equity recapitalizations and buyouts of companies with revenues of up to $30 million and EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) of up to $7 million. These companies are niche manufacturing and specialty service businesses that present a clear and compelling opportunity to create value. 3 Rivers Capital adds value through active ownership and supportive management partnerships.

The 3 Rivers Capital management team is comprised of Dale A. Buckwalter, Robert M. Carskadden, and Robert T. McGuire, each having responsibilities for overseeing the firm’s operational and investment activities. They collectively have more than 60 years experience in structuring and financing acquisitions, as well as managing businesses of various sizes.

“The adoption of the 3 Rivers Capital name reflects our Pittsburgh heritage,” said McGuire. “Proceeding as 3 Rivers Capital, we will continue to invest in companies in our own region, and throughout the mid-West and mid-Atlantic regions to help bolster assets, expand operations, and strengthen market and industry positions.”

For more information of 3 Rivers Capital, please contact Rob Carskadden, Managing Director, at (412) 765-2495 or carskadden@3riverscap.com.