Operating Partners = Value Creation

Operating Partners concentrate on growth through operational improvements, provide human capital, and are a source for deal flow. Our Operating Partners are considered a firm asset and are critical to developing and executing the culture and strategy of our portfolio companies.

At 3RC, our Operating Partners are proven business leaders who play an active role focusing on accelerating value creation in our portfolio companies throughout the lifetime of a particular investment. They spend a significant amount of time on-site, involved in the daily operations of the business. They work closely with management teams, offer high-level guidance, and help to develop and implement growth strategies.

3Riverscap Operating Partner Jim Epstein
Jim Epstein


3Riverscap Operating Partner Kevin Horner
Kevin Horner


3Riverscap Operating Partner Brian Jasperse
Brian Jasperse


3Riverscap Operating Partner Pat Marso
Pat Marso


3Riverscap Operating Partner Dr. Shishir Shah
Dr. Shishir Shah


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