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Investment Process

3 Rivers Capital applies a 5-Step thematic view of the market to uncover specific areas of focus and then proactively sources opportunities through our extensive network of deal professionals and business owners.


We partner with entrepreneurs and management teams through active leadership; investments in people, systems, and processes; and accretive add-on acquisitions to drive rapid value creation.


Small For a Reason

Remove Growth Barriers Through:


Rapid value creation & favorable results

Sectors of Focus

IT Services

IT Services is the application of information technology to support the needs of individuals, organizations, and businesses. This includes the use of hardware, software, networks, and other technologies to manage, process, store, and communicate information. Our interest is focused on helping Value Added Resellers build a managed services operation to grow recurring revenues.

Healthcare Products & Distribution Services

Healthcare Products & Distribution Services are defined as the manufacture or distribution of either durable or disposable healthcare items that are used in patient care, which can include items from latex gloves to MRI machines.

Non-Hospital Healthcare

Non-Hospital Health care services provide for the furnishing of medicine, medical or surgical treatment, nursing, hospital service, dental service, optometrical service, complementary health services, or any other medical service, as well as the furnishing to any person of any and all other services and goods for the purpose of preventing, alleviating, curing, or healing human illness, physical disability, or injury that occurs outside of a hospital setting.


Automation or automatic control is the use of various systems for operating industrial equipment, processes in factories, monitoring and controlling smart buildings and communications networks and steering and stabilization of ships, aircraft and other applications and vehicles with minimal or reduced human intervention.

Energy Supply Management

Energy supply management is the proactive, organized, and systematic coordination of procurement, conversion, distribution and use of energy to meet demand requirements, taking into account environmental and economic objectives.

Specialty Construction Services

Specialty construction services comprise establishments whose primary activity is performing specific activities involved in building and infrastructure construction or other activities but that are not responsible for the entire project.

Better-For-You (BFY) Food

The “better for you” food industry refers to the production and marketing of food products that are healthier and more nutritious than traditional or processed food products. Our interest is focused on investing in and growing a B2B business within this sector – which would include companies that are ingredient suppliers, distributors, flavor houses, co-manufacturers, and co-packers. We are open to all BFY food categories, including but not limited to plant-based, lean proteins, organic, nuts and seeds, and dried fruits.



We work with companies with EBITDA between $3-10M


We work within continental US with a focus on companies from the east coast to the mountain west


Partner with experienced management teams to remove growth barriers through active leadership